Exposing voter suppression and how we can fight it.

Heart of Democracy


Stories of action to inspire action

Voter suppression has become a regular part of our elections. Yet, at every turn, there are those fighting against it, working to make our elections more just. These are their stories – the everyday folks championing voting rights and struggling to heal our democracy. These are the stories of how you, too, can make an impact.

Heart of Democracy is a documentary series that exposes the depths of voter suppression throughout the United States. It also showcases ways voting rights areĀ  being defended, and connects viewers to ways they can get involved. Each episode will focus on different folks who are working to defend our democracy and the ways voter suppression has impacted their communities.

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~16 Million

Voters purged from voting rolls between 2014 and 2016

1.5 Million

Voters purged in Georgia alone between 2012 and 2016


Votes determined Georgia's governor's election


States that have passed voting restrictions since 2010


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Telling Tales of the Resistance

It can be hard to be optimistic these days. That's why it's so important we see stories of people battling voter suppression and winning. Stories that remind us of how they are just like us and we can be just like them.
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All About Voting

It's complex, and it's the heart of all democracies. Each episode will dive deep into a specific strategy of voter suppression and the harm it causes to elections.

A National Story

Not only one community or state is affected: there are many elections hurt by voter suppression in the US, just in recent years. Vote suppression is as old as our democracy itself.

Stories of Impact

These are the stories of people working hard to make their lives and our country better, one vote at a time. They deserve to, and need to, be told with intimacy and authenticity.

Digital Activism

It's not enough to just raise awareness - we need to raise people up into action. Viewers will be connected to direct actions that help them fight for voting rights.

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Documenting Democracy

The voters are the beating heart of any democracy - the key to it health or sickness. This series of short documentaries shows how we can all work to build a healthier democracy.

Champions of Voters

In every state, ordinary heroes are stepping up to become defenders of voting rights. Our focus is on folks taking action in ways we all can, so we can get inspired to step up and help make a difference.


Exposing Tactics

There are many different strategiesĀ  engineered to create voter suppression. Each episode will focus on different tactics and how folks are working to undo the damage or even prevent it from taking place.


Connected to History

Voter suppression is as old as democracy and has always been a part of the U.S.’s history. We’ll delve into the lessons we can learn from the past – both the dangers to watch out for and the ways we can win.



There is already a growing movement for stronger voting protections. Heart of Democracy will connect viewers with the organizations and campaigns working hard to make a difference.


Inspiring the Audience to Action

It's not enough to just educate - we want to activate viewers and help them become voting rights activists. We plan on doing this by connecting every episode to actions anybody can take.
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Current Issues

In the series and through our impact campaigns we will connect long-term tactics to events happening now.


From protest groups to house parties, we’ll show ways to take action that build community and are more powerful for it.


We believe by showing the power of some people’s work, we can motivate more people to volunteer and help out.

Existing Efforts

Always we will work to connect viewers to ongoing efforts that they can contribute to. We want to boost the movement.

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We’ll explore direct ways people can protect election integrity, on the day of and leading up to each election.


Movement building through inspiration and connection remains our main goal as we work towards new voter protections.

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The Beat

This is our growing blog, where we feature updated news about Heart of Democracy and voting in the U.S.
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The Latest News about Heart of Democracy and Voter Suppression

Stay up-to-date about the development of the documentary series and activism app here at The Beat. Plus, we will be posting original articles about the latest efforts to create new voter suppression laws around the country, and how we can fight them.

The Beat is Coming Soon
Our blog, The Beat, will be coming soon. Stay tuned for lots of information about our progress and the fight against voter suppression in general.